Larimar Pendant 158
Our Price: $192.00
Sterling Silver Mosaic Inlay with Jett, Coral, Turquoise and Yellow Mussel Shell
LAAHTY Stamped
Sterling Silver Channel Inlay Spirit Bear with Varisite, Jett and Opal.
Reverse design is Arrow.
Swivel bail Inlayed as well.
3/4" Long
This Larimar pendant is set into sterling silver in a traditional Navajo setting. This piece is 1.25" tall.
Arrow Pendant
Our Price: $109.00
Gaspeite Pendant 009
Our Price: $279.00
Two sided Bear Inlay Earrings. Lapis Lazuli, Opal, and Jett on one side.
Turquoise, Spiny Oyster Shell, Lapis, Jett, and Opal on one side.
3/4" long
Sterling Silver Channel Inlay Pendant with Varisite and Tiger's Eye
1 1/2" Long
Gaspeite Pendant
Sterling Silver
Navajo Setting
2" tall