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GASPEITE, discovered in 1966, is a relatively rare mineral, found only in a few locations in the world. Its light green, almost apple green color is quite unique and some varieties are almost neon green. It may contain brownish inclusions, which will give it a distinctive character. Gaspeite exhibits amazing variation in its coloring, providing a share for almost anyone.

GASPEITE is found as a secondary mineral around nickle sulfide deposits and is named for its locality of the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec. Despite its recent discovery, gaspeite is considered to be commercially depleted.

As a healing stone, it is thought to reduce stress and help with heart, gallbladder and lung problems and metaphysically it is thought to bring spiritually into everyday life.
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Gaspeite Inlay Pendant 178 Gaspeite Inlay Pendant 178B Gaspeite Set 051
Gaspeite Set 051
Our Price: $96.00
Gaspeite Pendant Sterling Silver Zuni Mosaic Inlay with Opal
SM Stamped
1 1/4" Long
Gaspeite Pendant Sterling Silver Zuni Mosaic Inlay
SM Stamped
1 1/4" Long
Gaspeite Earring & Pendant Set
Sterling Silver
Navajo Setting
Earrings on Sterling Posts
Gaspeite Inlay Pendant/Pin 179 Gaspeite Set with Earrings & Pendant 050 Gaspeite Pendant 020
Gaspeite Pendant 020
Our Price: $229.00
Gaspeite Pendant & Pin dual function Sterling Silver
Zuni Mosaic Inlay with Opal
Sterling Silver Channel Inlay in Gaspeite
Post Earrings and Pendant 3/4" tall
Gaspeite Pendant
Sterling Silver
Navajo Setting
P. Sanchez Stamp
1 5/8" tall